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Property Meth Test  

Is your home, rental investment, holiday house or prospective investment property contaminated by Methamphetamine (Meth) Use?

With a full consultative process Meth Detection Ltd can offer you a contamination solution, from the initial presumptive test through to a full remedial clean-up plan to give peace of mind to you, your family and tenants.

Meth Detection is a Meth Risk Management Business consulting to home buyers, landlords, investors, property managers and real estate professional agents offering a Meth Solution from experienced qualified professionals.

Meth Detection Ltd Head Office is based in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, covering central North Island.                                                                 Our South Island branch is based in Queenstown servicing the Central Otago Region. 

What is Methamphetamine Contamination?

The manufacturing and smoking process for meth or "P" will leave some toxic residues on carpets, walls, ceilings, and contents of homes, buildings and property.

Depending on what process is used it is estimated that for each kilogram of crystal meth manufactured this can create 7 kilograms of toxic chemical waste contaminating the property.

Symptoms and Effects of Meth Exposure

  • Exposure to Meth or associated chemicals can cause headaches or eye irritation.
  • Nausea, Coughing, shortness of breath or dizziness.
  • Skin irritation, chest pain, fatigue and the feeling of coldness or weakness.

Meth Detection Ltd offer a Free Of Charge 30 minute Presentation giving you, the property owner or agent, the ability to ask questions, understand the characteristics and signs of a property contaminated by "P" use and what should be done about it. 

Our Presentation can be used for your personal investment, a business training day or any other forum.

Meth Testing

Laboratories have the capability to test for traces of Methamphetamine from suspected contaminated dwellings. The test is carried out on wipe samples according to NIOSH method 9111, and is IANZ accredited.

This includes testing for three precursor drugs; Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine and Amphetamine. Swab samples from the dwelling are taken and sent to the laboratory where they are extracted and analysed using LCMSMS (Liquid Chromatography with Tandem Mass Spectrometry Detection).  Results for methamphetamine greater than1.5μg/100sqcm exceed the current New Zealand guideline levels.  

Sampling techniques

a)     Single wipe field composite

b)     Multi wipe field composite

c)     Comprehensive discrete individual areas

If landlords rent out a property that is contaminated, they are breaching their obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, as well as other legislation such as the Building Act and the Health Act.  Each test location is selected by the qualified tester using standard methodology to maximise potential to return a test representative of the highest risk of contamination from Methamphetamine in the room(s) selected. This method of sampling is fit for pre-purchase due diligence and between tenancy examination 


Meth Detection Ltd

  • Full Consultative Process
  • Qualified Best Practice Forensic Sampling
  • Certified Investigators
  • 4 Stage Process including Presumptive & laboratory Results.
  • Certified Workplace Drug Testers
  • Experienced Drug Detection Dog Handler
  • NZQA qualified OHS Trainers
  • NZ Owned Company